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Victus Lumen
Victus is Siderea’s current Sun – her sole political and religious leader. He is a descendant of the Lumen family that has been ruling the nation ever since the Age of the Sunkillers. He is a stately, noble-looking man in his sixties with pale skin, short grey hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and bright blue eyes. Victus is a father of two children. His firstborn daughter, Rahna, will inherit the Sidereal throne, and is currently serving as the ambassador to the neighbouring nation of Varnavir. His second born son, Macen, is Siderea’s most distinguished scientist who unlocked the power of solar energy in his teen years. Victus’ wife, Valeria Devereux, passed away during Macen’s birth, entwining celebration and mourning in the hearts of Siderea’s citizens.

Victus rules with an iron fist and a faithful heart. Even though all Sidereal monarchs double as the nation’s religious leaders, Victus’ devotion to the cosmic order of things nurtures Siderea with a fierceness not seen in hundreds of years.

Because of dwindling resources, several generations of Suns before Victus had strayed from Sidereal tradition of isolationism and directed their efforts outward. Their aggressive policies resulted in further depletion of resources, internal unrest, and brought Siderea to the brink of war with the neighboring nation of Varnavir. With the help of Heart Technologies’ revolutionary inventions that made Siderea once again self-sustainable, Victus’ mother began the process of shifting Siderea’s focus back inwards. After he ascended the throne, Victus followed firmly in her stride. He appointed his daughter ambassador – a position never seen before in Sidereal history – to pacify Varnavir, and focused entirely on rekindling Siderea’s traditions and faith. One of his most notable policies to accomplish this goal is the public execution of cursed ones. These ceremonies are meant both to honor Siderea’s tragic history in the age of the Sunkillers, and as a show of the Satellites’ strength in keeping the citizens of today safe from their enemies.

Victus’ religious inclination has earned him the moniker “Ignis”, translating from old Sidereal to “Flame”.

Rahna Lumen
Rahna is Victus’ 30-year-old firstborn daughter, destined to inherit Siderea’s throne. While her father still rules, Rahna fulfills the role of ambassador to the neighbouring nation of Varnavir. Siderea’s citizens rarely see her, as she is either overseas, or immersed in her training for the throne. On the scarce occasions that she does appear before the public, Rahna radiates strength and power. She looks strikingly similar to her mother, having inherited her dark skin, black hair and considerable height. The only aspect of her appearance reminiscent of her father are her bright blue eyes.

In her speeches to the public, Rahna is an ice-cold contract to Victus’ charismatic warmth, and people say she takes after her stern mother Valeria, even though Rahna was only five at the time of her passing.

As ambassador, Rahna and her personal bodyguards are the only Sidereal citizens permitted to leave the country. She is the only person in Siderea who speaks Varnavir’s language and holds knowledge of their culture and traditions. She fulfills this role alone, and only the Sun himself has permission to access any details of her missions.

Rahna reaches Varnavir by sea, sailing on the sturdiest ship Heart Technologies has to offer, accompanied only by a skeleton crew of her most trusted bodyguards.

Rahna is married to Jacob Fort, a painter of Helora. Their marriage was arranged when the two were children, and they spent a significant part of their childhoods and youths in each other’s company. The pair is yet to produce heirs.

Macen Lumen
Macen is Victus’ 25-year-old second born son, whose birth took the life of his mother, Valeria. As only the Sun’s firstborn inherits a place in the Sun’s orbit, Macen is branded with the symbol of Helora, the next warmest orbit. Being free to pursue any career path suitable to that orbit, Macen discovered his pull towards science at a very young age. With all the time and resources in the world to nurture his talent, he swiftly became one of the greatest scientists Siderea has ever seen. His most famous accomplishment so far has been unlocking the power of solar energy at the age of 14. Through his cooperation with Heart Technologies, Macen has succeeded in harnessing that power and revolutionizing Siderea’s technological landscape.

Macen is a spitting image of his father, having inherited his pale skin and light-brown hair. His eyes, however, are the same dark shade of brown as his late mother’s. As opposed to his sister, Macen also takes after his father in his warm charisma and irresistible charm. He is as respected by Siderea’s people as he is adored.

Even though no end can be seen to the waves of Heloran ladies eager to be joined in marriage with the nation’s beloved scientist, Macen has remained solitary. Apart from his political public appearances, he is rarely seen out in public, and does not seem to entertain a wide circle of personal acquaintances.

Loraine Schultz
Loraine is Siderea’s Cursed catcher, as well as the leader of the elite group of fighters named the Satellites. She is a tall, strong woman with pale skin, blond hair and piercing light-blue eyes. Starting out as a guard, she relentlessly rose through the ranks and made it to the top position of the Dorei orbit in her late thirties. Loraine is a woman of hard action and little words. She commands the unwavering respect of Siderea’s people, and no one doubts her ability to keep the nation safe from whatever internal or external threats may come.

Several years ago, Loraine’s husband and child were killed in a tragic car accident. She did not take a single day off duty, despite the encouragement and understanding of her compatriots, which only furthered her severe reputation.

As a Cursed catcher, Loraine’s duties involve the location, capture, and execution of cursed ones that lurk within Siderea. As the leader of the Satellites, Loraine is in charge of training, patrolling, arresting, enforcing curfew, and whatever might be required to ensure order on Siderea’s streets.

Moriah O’Hagan
Moriah is Siderea’s judge, charged with enforcing the cosmic order of things through her merciless trials. She is the only person apart from the Sun himself who possesses the power to strip a person of their Sidereal brand, thus turning them into a nonentity. If she finds the judged guilty, they will either be banished to the Umbra, or imprisoned within the Asteroid, which has never been escaped.

With the aid of Loraine’s Satellites as an instrument of blunt force, Moriah’s cunning and sharp intellect is the only thing keeping the organized crime syndicate of Black Hole at bay. She is skilled at unravelling their operations and is especially unforgiving in the trials over Black Hole’s members, setting an example for the rest of the criminal underbelly.

Moriah is a stern woman in her late fifties, her always pulled back black hair a stark contrast to her light skin and grey eyes. Her personal life is a mystery that has never made its way to Siderea’s masses, with the exception of the well-known fact that Victus and Moriah are childhood friends.

Raphael Devereux
Devereux is Siderea’s treasurer, in charge of overseeing her commerce and economics. He is a distant relative of Valeria Devereux, Victus’ late wife who passed away during the birth of their son, Macen. Soon after Valeria’s death, Victus reached out to the young Devereux and took him in, raising him alongside his two children.

Recognizing his exceptional intellect and talent, Victus, after few years of training, appointed a 17-year-old Devereux Siderea’s treasurer, relieving the active, much older and experienced treasurer of his duty. This decision received an overwhelmingly negative response from Siderea’s citizens, who are rarely unhappy with Victus’ actions. People believe that the ambitious young man manipulated Victus’ sense of familial duty and his undying loyalty to his late wife in order to climb the career ladder of his orbit. When confronted with the people’s discontent, Victus’ curt reply stated that he wholeheartedly believes in Devereux’s abilities and potential, and asks his people to trust their Sun. Victus has refused to elaborate or revisit the topic of tension since.

The now 20-year-old Devereux remains a controversial figure. With dark skin, brown eyes and hair, a slender and tall build, his very appearance is a sore reminder of Valeria’s absence, making the unorthodox acquisition of his position all the more insulting. His policies, although seemingly beneficial for the nation, are always received with distrust due to his young age and inexperience.

Heart Technologies
Heart Technologies, commonly referred to as “Heartech”, has been the leading developer of all things industrial for many generations. Vehicles, the orbital trains, ships, mining equipment, electrical appliances – all bear the emblem of the Heart family. Beyond the immeasurable value of their technological contributions to Sidereal society, the Heart family is beloved for preventing the war with Varnavir several generations ago by developing cutting-edge mining and agricultural equipment that made Siderea once again self-sustainable. The family is held in extremely high esteem in Sidereal society. A large percentage of the Kiluit orbit is employed by Heart Technologies.

The current head of the family is Spenser Heart, who is most known for his collaboration with Macen Lumen in harnessing and exploiting solar energy.
Spenser and his wife, Olivia, have two children, Simon and Opal. Both are to continue the family business, but Simon will inherit the leading position as the oldest child.

Black Hole
Black Hole is a massive organized crime syndicate that spawns from Siderea’s lawless slums, the Umbra. Black Hole offers a wide range of illegal services, from the supply of drugs and theft, to forged Sidereal brands and assassinations. Trained, well-equipped and organized, they are a force to be reckoned with, keeping Moriah’s and Loraine’s hands full with holding the criminals at bay.

The Black Hole follows a structured chain of command, with smaller units reporting to their leaders, who report to leaders of their own, and so on. Who sits at the very top of this ladder is, however, unknown.

Members of the Black Hole are marked with their own brand, as a way to identify one another and as mockery of the Sun’s rule. Their mark is a black ring, reminiscent of the Sun’s golden one. The black ring is usually tattooed on the left side of a member’s chest, over their heart.

Some Black Hole members dwell within the Umbra, either for the sake of protection, or out of necessity: many of them lack their Sidereal brand, or have been stripped of one. Others, however, lurk within Sidereal society, their Sidereal brands, real or fake, on wide display, and their Black Hole mark hidden beneath clothing.