Cursed is an actual-play podcast powered by the Fate Core roleplaying system.

The story is told by Samara, the non-binary Game Master, and Larissa, their lovely mom who plays the main character of the campaign.

Cursed is focused on storytelling and roleplaying, with at least one character for every letter of LGBTQIA, as well as many characters of color and disabled characters. Their interactions and developments take center stage, powered by a rich original setting and a high-stakes plot.

Cursed is set in the city-state of Siderea, a prosperous nation with an expansive belief system rooted in the cosmic order of things. These beliefs inform every part of a Sidereal citizen’s life, most importantly determining their place in Siderea’s rigid caste system, called the orbits.

The protagonist of the story, Simon Heart, is the firstborn son of Siderea’s industrial mogul, Spenser Heart. Destined to inherit his father’s company, Simon’s entire life has been dedicated to training for the position. That is until one day, Simon’s lover Ciolo disappears under mysterious circumstances. Failed by the authorities in solving the case, Simon takes it upon himself to find Ciolo. Risking it all, he forsakes his father’s plan for him, as well as the constraints of his orbit, and launches himself into the search.

The story of Cursed begins three years after Ciolo’s disappearance. Despite the immeasurable danger of engaging in extraorbital work, Simon continues his search, helping countless other missing people along the way, yet grasping at straws in his own quest. As despair threatens to overtake, a hunted runaway enters Simon’s life, unveiling pieces of the puzzle that change everything he thought he knew about Ciolo, and Siderea itself. Join Simon on his journey, as together we explore the world of Cursed!