Who the heck are you guys? 

How nice of you to ask! I’m Samara (they/them), one of the creators of Cursed, and your friendly neighbourhood Game Master.

The second creator and the main player is my amazing, badass, bestest mom Larissa (she/her).

So, in addition to the main content, you get to enjoy our unparalleled mother-firstborn dynamic, as well as our charming Russian accents. What a deal!

Sure. So, what exactly is Cursed?

In technical terms, Cursed is an actual-play podcast that uses the Fate role-playing system.

In less technical terms, Cursed is a story. A story the likes of which I would’ve loved to see more of, but could rarely find. So I decided to make it myself, with the help of my wonderful mom!

Cursed is character-driven, meaning that the characters’ backstory, growth, interactions and decision take center stage. The setting, plot, and Fate mechanics are here to power, not overpower, their stories. And speaking of characters – we are aiming to make the main as well as the supporting cast as diverse as we can. Cursed has characters for every letter of LGBTQIA, as well as characters of color and disabled characters. We promise to do them justice!

Word of warning: Cursed includes some pretty heavy stuff, and disturbing themes and descriptions aren’t unheard of around here. But worry not: this is a promise from me to you to always handle any sensitive topics with utmost care and respect. I will never use them as a plot device or employ them for shock value. Also, I will give specific content warnings when necessary. I want you to feel safe on this journey with us – I promise, you’re in good hands!

Despite heavy stuff coming up, this is not a gritty, hopeless story with no happy endings. No matter what comes, there will always be hope here.

So, if all this sounds like something you would enjoy – there is plenty of information about the setting and the characters to explore; feel free to read it yourself, or listen to me read it in our introductory episode! We are so excited to share this journey with you, and to see where it will all lead us!

Neat! I have no idea what tabletop RPGs are.

You don’t need to be familiar with any tabletop RPGs to be able to enjoy Cursed. Our goal is to focus as much as possible on storytelling and roleplaying. The Fate system is only here to add an element of unpredictability to the game, as some outcomes will depend on dice rolls and such. Also, both of us have some D&D 5E experience, but neither of us have used Fate before. So, to those new to all of this, worry not – we’ll be figuring out the rules with you! To veterans of tabletop RPGs and Fate – please bear with us as we find our footing with this one!

Do you have the whole story planned out in advance?

Nope! As a GM, I do have a general idea of where the plot is going. I have to, in order for this to be coherent. But by no means do I have all of this planned out. The story will be driven by the characters, and I will write and adapt as they live their lives and inevitably wreak havoc upon my GM plans.

Where else can I find you guys?

We have a twitter (twitter.com/thecursedcast) and a tumblr (thecursedcast.tumblr.com). Come say hi!

For business inquires, please contact us at info@colortalk.world