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Siderea is an ancient nation with thousands of years of history and culture. It has always been an isolationist country, focused inwards and forbidding contact with the world beyond its borders. As a result of this policy, as well as its structured ideology, Sidereal history is relatively calm and stable, with only two major disturbances having occurred throughout the nation’s existence.

The Age of the Sunkillers
Many centuries ago, cursed ones lived side by side with the rest of Siderea’s society, adhering to the orbital system regardless of the abilities their curse granted. However, they grew tired of living in equality with those they deemed inferior. Power-hungry, they sought to dominate those without a curse, wishing to establish a new hierarchy with cursed ones at the top. With unrest brewing for some time, it exploded into a full-blown civil war when a conspiracy of cursed ones assassinated the Sun and her entire family.

The ensuing massacre ended with the defeat of the cursed ones. All cursed ones were proclaimed enemies of the state and were swiftly exterminated. It is rumored that some survived, seeing as even today cursed ones continue to be born.

With the original Sun line interrupted for the very first time, a new family line had to take its place. The role fell to the Lumens, who led the resistance against the Sunkillers and exterminated most of the cursed ones, leading to hard-won peace.

Ever since, cursed ones have lost their place in the orbital system, and have been getting methodically wiped out upon discovery. Different Suns employ different methods of doing so; under Victus, cursed ones are subjected to public executions.

Conflict with Varnavir
As the Age of the Sunkillers was left behind, Siderea prospered in peace for many centuries. Until, several generations of Suns ago, her resources began to dwindle. Desperate, the Sun began building up strength in the Dorei orbit, intent on venturing beyond the Stardust mountains and conquering the scarcely populated Varnavian territory that lay beyond. Even though things never escalated to a full-scale war, small units of Sidereans have crossed their country’s border and fought Varnavian opposition, despite Siderea’s long-standing ideology of isolationism.

Thankfully, Heart Technologies rapidly developed solutions that made Siderea once again self-sustainable, halting the war before it had the chance to begin. The threat of Varnavir invading in retaliation continued to loom over Siderea, however. Thus came Victus’ decision to appoint his firstborn, Rahna, as ambassador, in an effort to pacify the foreign country his predecessors had wronged.