(You can listen to this information being read out loud in our introductory episode!)

Sidereal ideology revolves around the concept of cosmic balance and order, where every thing, no matter how big or little, has its place and role in maintaining the life of a universe. Each planet spins in its own orbit, uninterrupted by others, yet dependent on them. In the center of it all is the Sun, granting life to all the worlds that spin around it.

The concept of recycled energy plays a major role in Siderea’s ideology. All the parts of the cosmos’ intricate system are made up of remnants of previous life, including the citizens of Siderea themselves. The cosmos gave its energy to them to fulfill their role to the best of their ability, and it is their duty to return that energy back, so that something new will be born of it, be it a human or a planet.

The counterpart to this delicate balance is the Void. The void represents lack of purpose, absence of order, and chaos. A person who strays from Sidereal tradition is wasting the gift of life that was given to them, and will be taken by the infinite black Void instead of giving back to the vivid universe.

These concepts are integrated into the everyday life of each Sidereal citizen. Their work, marriages, celebrations, burials, architecture – all reflect the desire to mimic and honor the cosmic order of things.