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Firstborn to Spenser and Olivia Heart, Simon Heart is the 21-year-old heir of Heart Technologies. He is a handsome young man with noble features, pale skin, black hair and blue eyes. Both him and his younger sister Opal have been trained their entire lives to run Heartech, although only Simon will inherit the leading position as the family’s firstborn.

Ciolo Everett is the only child of Andros and Amber Everett. The Everetts are of Kiluit’s orbit, with Andros working at the docks. Amber used to stay at home to educate Ciolo herself, which is extremely unorthodox for Siderea. Ciolo is a young man of soft features, dark skin, brown hair and green eyes.

Simon and Ciolo met during a Summer Solstice celebration when Simon was 15 and Ciolo was 14. The boys soon fell in love, seeing each other in secret from Spenser in the forest surrounding Ciolo’s home.

Three years later, Ciolo disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Authorities failed to locate him or his body, and the case went cold. Fueled by despair and guilt, Simon threw aside his father’s plans for him and the constraints of his orbit. He launched himself into the search, using the skills, resources and contacts at his disposal to look for other missing people that no one else would otherwise look for.

After three years of searching, Simon is yet to find Ciolo. He has, however, helped countless other people, and continues doing so despite the immeasurable risk of engaging in extraorbital work.